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We talked about Date Night & spicing things up with bae. But what happens when Mommy needs her tribe to come through with the LADIES NIGHT ONLY plans! Trust, that daddy is on duty for this one.

Now that I have all Women & Mommies attention; how do we go about commencing a ladies night? Well first and foremost women like to have a good time but many of us can change our mind like a can of paint. In this blog I’ll give ideas to the introvert and extrovert and those that fall in between places or things that can make the night a great one! Ladies night can mean hitting the town, clubbing, or dinner at a 5 star restaurant. Then we have at home ladies night where game night commence. We focus on our future, make vision boards and lend each other advice on adulthood, relationships, wealth / business, love and support.


ROSE MANSION : This place is amazing, I’ve never been but I look forward to visiting very soon. This is number 01 on the list right now, the best location for ladies night! They have drinks, especially ROSE’ hintes the place name. Different rooms can capture a different experience, where a million of pictures and boomerangs can he taken. What more can a woman ask for, food? Check below!

CORNER SOCIAL : This bouquet restaurant in Harlem is a worthwhile experience. Food looks && taste great! DJ is on point, unlimited mimosas on Sunday’s during brunch hours. And amazing ambiance at night!

BROADWAY PLAY : Okay, so apparently MEAN GIRLS is on broadway. To this day I love that movie, to see it on Broadway would be a new experience. Try it! I’ll leave a link below to check out the website and tickets.

BUTTER AND SCOTCH: Is ran by women, for women. It is a Bakery and Bar in Brooklyn NY, where you can have sweets and hard core drinks at the same time. Website is below for reservations and more!

DAYTIME SPA: Daytime Spa Dates with your girls, is probably one of the most relaxing things you can do. It is plenty of beautiful spas throughout the NY/NJ area. Pick your choice! Google is your friend!

VISION BOARD PARTY : What better way to connect with everyday people on their goals and aspirations than to have vision board party!

Vision board parties are fun! You create, you learn, you inspire. Most of all you’re sharing it with ya girls! These parties are usually held around the New Year to simply set good intentions for the year ahead but this can be given at any time you see fit.

BROOKLYN BOWL : Bowling in Brooklyn? Why not! This specific bowling alley is a 2 in 1. .this is also a live music venue located in Williamsburg, where it is designed in the form of Coney Island. They not only have bowling but food prepared by Blue Ribbon, you can also have a drink and listen to some sick tunes.

Either way you slice it, Ladies night can be a success && it doesn’t even have to break the bank! NYC is the ultimate experience.




Greeting Readers,

If you scroll on down to my post from a few years ago, I discussed potty time and informed Mother’s around the age you should expect your child to be ready for it. I have yet to FULLY share my toddler && i experience, maybe this piece can help a few Mom’s trying to wrap up potty training or even start, for that matter. So here we go!

Honestly, potty training sucks. There. . I said it! It is only the truth, and what many other woman are thinking. It also depends on what age you start your child, this isn’t a few month process (everyone progress differs). In reality, this can take at least a year or two to past the threshold of being fully trained. I started introducing my daughter to the potty at 1, we had a cute potty that I got as a gift from my one of my old students, Mother. My daughter was a little scared of it at first, Especially when we flushed it, it made this noise and she would grab my leg so tight. That’s how I knew she wasn’t ready. I tried again a few months after she turned 2 and she was way more prepared and open to the idea. At this point i would let her watch “Elmo potty time”, YouTube special while sitting on it a few times a day. As she stayed with her grandma while I worked, her grandmother also worked with her on the potty. My daughter started daycare and they helped her as well, she was getting help from all angles. . I knew for sure we had this! and soon Mommy and Daddy wouldn’t even have to glance at the pull up section in the nearest Walgreen’s.

Don’t get me wrong, she was doing amazing! Still not amazing enough to go to bed with big girl underwear on without wetting the bed, or go outside without a pull up on, things of that nature. Fast forward to bringing her newborn sister home all of Mommy blood, sweat, and tears, that went into potty training went out the window. New baby means my toddler wanted to be the baby, again. She would see me changing her sister and flat out say “Change me too Mommy”. That’s when I knew she had an idea of what she was doing, no fault of hers. It was more of an adjust period, once she had that time to get comfortable with her new life I started her again this time, COLD TURKEY!

Yup! You read it correctly. COLD TURKEY. No tablet on the toilet, no books, and especially NO MORE PULL UPS! We literally stopped buying them when she ran out and brought a bunch of girly underwear. With two kids in diapers it is expensive, she had to get out of them ASAP, LOL ! I put them on her and all throughout the day I would make her sit on the potty until she did something. I learned the times in the morning where she would hide and pee or poop, and made sure she was near or on her potty. As soon she woke up in the morning, I made her go straight the the bathroom. We had a whole routine set up for weeks. Of course she pooped in her underwear, peed like crazy too. And Of course I got fed up, after washing and bleaching almost everything, also cleaning up the house after she had an accident. It was definitely an experience I’ll never forget.

At night, before bed I made her use the potty, then when she was in a deep sleep I would slip a pull up on her over her underwear, so she’s not aware of the pull up and get comfortable all over again. I let a few nights go by before I stopped doing that. One morning, she woke up completely dry that day went into two days, then a week went by and she was using the bathroom like a grown woman. LOL! I was so proud of her, still am. My baby finally did it! Whew child after 2yrs and months after her 3rd Birthday, she got it!

I would slightly envy the Mom’s that brag about their children being trained fully at 1 or 2. That’s amazing, don’t get me wrong. During the process honestly I wish that was my child. But it wasn’t and I had to do what works for my kid, and she only needed a little more time like million other children. Potty training shouldn’t be a rush thing, the child needs time to understand the whole concept of using the bathroom and why. I learned all of this after the fact, I learned that I could of been more patient with her and the process. Mother’s that work and children that have to attend headstart, daycare, and preschool. Most of these places want you’re child to be fully trained so I can understand the rush. But then you have other places that helps you’re child, simply because they know they struggle of potty training. I rather have my child in a place like that, then somewhere that rushes the development of a child.

Here’s how you can get through the potty phase!






Using the Potty is a big step for your little one, patience and confidence is what he/she needs to feel coming from Mommy and Daddy. Now, trust you will have ya days; always take a break and return to the problem. We are hoping that all Mommies into potty transition take this as a opportunity for you to learn so much more about yourself and your child. If you already have a routine and just here for a read, pls stick to it! and then for others that have no idea what steps to take next; Take these tips if you must and use them to your advantage!


TIPS FOR; Toddlers Starting PreK

Greeting Readers,

Our kid’s don’t stay babies forever now, do they? Nope! That’s the bitteersweet part; watching them grow && become apart of the world. But it’s the circle of life && starting school can be a big change for a toddler, especially if this will be his/her first time in a school setting. Usually, most kids get a dose of daycare before being immersed in the school setup. My toddler for instance has had the experience of getting up every morning, going to daycare && being picked up by myself, daddy, or grandma. In fact, she knows that grown ups come back && that she can feel comfortable where she is until we come for pick up. In many states, children can start PreK at 3 years of age. In NYC this is a gift to many parents that are looking for free education provided by the Department of Education. My daughter was initially suppose to start this year, but for many reasons she won’t be starting until next september. By then she will be an official PRESCHOOLER. I’m excited for her educational journey as she is too. She says to me all the time “Mommy, I know how to use the potty, now I can go to big kid school”. One of the things i promised her in the mist of potty training. Now that she has to wait until next year, I feel bad because her perfecting the potty && adding in school, was her reward. Kids rarely forget anything. I still want her to be able to socialize with other children, learn, && get out the house. So we will be doing alot of playdates, enrolling back into daycare, && etc. As a preschooler you wouldn’t need to prepare as you would a college student but being prepared nonetheless, is still essential for the little one. I put together some tips && a list of things that you will need for the beginning of you’re child’s educational journey!


-VariousThick Grip No.2 Pencils

-Pencil && Marker Case

-Thick Grip Caryons



-Glue Stick

-Thick Grip Scissors

-Thick Grip Washable Markers

“Thick Grip” is used alot i know, but these will help you’re toddler learn how to steady hold && use a pencil and a marker. The scissors of course have to be extra safe and the markers have to be able to wash right out come laundry day. As for school supplies the list above should suffice, until further notice from you’re child’s teacher. Moving into lunch boxes, back packs && other toddler knick knacks!



A small his or her lunch box and backpack is what excites toddlers the most! It’s like the right of passages to get the right one. My daughter is into unicorns and ballet right now so going into a store, I wouldn’t be able to leave without one.


Water bottles are important, it keeps you’re child hydrated all day and it builds good character to be healthy. Many, many choices of colors, styles, sizes, && cartoon characters to choose from when it comes to the kiddy section of water bottles.


Okay, so let’s face it! Toddlers love snacks. No, seriously . . .if they can eat it all day, everyday, they will. Always pack snacks for you’re kids, especially picky eaters. You know your child the best, Make sure he/she isn’t hungry at school because they are skipping the public school lunch and not having enough food packed by Mom. Thermals are great for keeping different kind of food warm too. Sandwiches, fruit, veggies, chips, juice, water, whatever they like, put it together!


Label’s are important, if you want to keep up with you’re child belongings. Whether that be school supplies or their clothing. I labeled literally all of my toddler things down to the book bag. You can either get fancy and do a DIY project with some pinterest ideas or you can just use a simple black permanent marker to engrave what and who it belongs too.

This is a process we all go through as parents, you wonder if you’re child will love school, If you are going to have a hard time at drop off, or pick up. Hey, listen If you’re kid is crying at pick up time you know they had a great day and doesn’t want to leave. Unless there is something else. Usually that’s the case though. Work on a routine for drop off and make sure morning’s are a smooth transition. Goodluck this year!! To the parents and the students๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ“š



Greeting Readers,

Becoming a Mom for the first time is nerve wrecking, you have a bunch of emotions and things to prepare before the BIG arrival. Every blog entry and personal pregnancy experience we have shared has led up until now. && we are here to help!

First and foremost, CONGRATULATIONS! You may still be in shock that your body is carrying a little human that will soon know you as Mommy. A million things may be going through your head on how to even take care of a baby and all the help you’ll need. The birthing process may be circling in the back of your mind as well. The pain, should you get an epidural, can / will you survive the pain? Ofcourse you can! Plenty of Mother’s before you have done it, this is what the woman body was made for. Pregnancy Is a marathon within itself, so we’ll briefly go over each trimester and what to expect!

1st Tri : The First Trimester is usually the time you find out that you are pregnant. At that point you have a few choices to make, whether that includes keeping the baby, giving the baby up for adoption, or having an abortion. The word many people don’t like to use, but it is real and women get it done, everyday. Whatever you decide just make sure you are positively sure that’s what you want and also understand the consequences. Keeping the baby!? That’s great too. The First Trimester is a period where you’re body is gearing up for the next 8-9 months to make it the most comfortable home for your baby. At six weeks the doctor can definetly find your baby heartbeat, that is also a time where morning sickness kick in. Some women don’t experience this stage and happy go lucky to them! The majority does and I’m going to give some tips on how to get through it!


-Wake up and eat

-Eat every few hours (if not, extreme nausea)

-Eat whatever you want, whatever you can keep down, whatever taste good

-Bananas (Rich in nutrient and B6 x Potassium)

-Take Naps

-Try Gingerale

-Try Lemon Water

-Try Morning Sickness Candy/Lollipops from Target or Walmart


2nd Tri : The Second Trimester is when your body is finally able to understand what’s happening and so it adjust. && the Morning Sickness usually subsides around 12-16 weeks. You start to gain you’re appetite back as well. Your hormones level out, unless you are having a girl, your hormones will always be all over the place even when they’re 15 LOL! This is a smooth sailing time, you’re starting to show a little bit but you still aren’t big, this is what most women consider the chill period of pregnancy.

3rd Tri : The Third Trimester is like the finale. You made it and ahead of you is giving birth and finally being able to hold your baby. By this time you have gained a significant amount of weight, hopefully. Swelling feet, heavy boobs, big belly, back pain, penguin walk, can’t sleep because of being uncomfortable. This is when most women try to convince their midwife or doctor to induce them. This is your body gearing up for birth. No more preparing for a home, it is preparing for the exit. Make sure hospital bags are packed for you and baby, you might have got all the baby esstienals from the baby shower or on your own. Newborn babies don’t need alot, diapers, bottles, milk, clean onesies, and a bunch of receiving blankets sounds more like it to start off the first few weeks.

Created By : “Modern Homestead Mama” has put together a Third Trimester Checklist! Check it out && make sure you are prepared for Birth Day!

The title Mother kicks in when you bring baby home and spend the next 18 years nurturing and building your child up. There’s no rule book to this parenting thing, but it is helpful to have a few people you can bounce off new ideas and everyday trying parental solutions. We are sending best wishes and a smooth labor && delivery to all the pregnant Mommies out there! For the mommies home with newborns, take it one day at a time may you’re motherly instincts continue to guide you.



Greeting Readers,

TRIBE : a social division in a traditional society consisting of families or communities linked by social, economic, religious, or blood ties, with a common culture and dialect, typically having a recognized leader.

I built this blog specifically for sharing my experiences as a Mom && along side my children’s, While simultaneously giving tips && advice. My goal is to expand this into a very informative website for Mother’s-Women to share experiences and stories via a forum. Many Mother’s get lost in the everyday hustle that many feel like they are disappearing into. Having a weekly read or event to escape to by yourself or with other woman alike, will bring a sense of belonging and a sense of purpose. Working Mom’s usually have less time for themselves and Stay at Home Mom’s often times get stuck all day with toddler conversations. We crave more and this is where “LifeAsSheKnowit” saves the Mother Community and builds it into a TRIBE.

A tribe sticks together, works together for a better outcome. And this is what I want to build overtime. I have a terrific number of Mom’s that supports “LifeAsSheKnowit” and each week it amazes me how we grow and touch people along the way. Entering Motherhood can feel lonely at times, you’re growing and maturing and your friends without children are still partying, traveling, drinking. All the things you use to do. Just because you are a Mother doesn’t mean these things completely come to a stop but you have other responsibilities now, that come way before a party. You notice that these friends start to slip away and you lose more and more of the things you have in common. If you haven’t been through it yet, trust it’s coming. . .it happens to the best of us . . .it happened to me. When it does, that just means you have to evaluate you’re TRIBE. Hold space for new friendships that can relate and have time for you. It sucks in the beginning but the replacement of it, is joyful. It is entering another stage of WOMANHOOD and bossing the fuck up!

This isn’t considered a path you walk alone, it is a journey you take with other woman. Along the way, you build each other back to her best self, you enjoy trips with and without the kids, you tell her the truth when she needs to hear it even if it hurts. You may be present during divorces, marriages, pregnancies, real life events. Mommy Tribe accepts rawness, before you had to get all dressed up to sit through coffee now you throw on anything that the baby hasn’t spit up on and enjoy lunch with other women while you discuss backaches and insomnia. Yeah, you won’t ever sleep again. Having the kids all day knowing that you’re mommy tribe is a call or website click away, you start to feel safe and a relief that you get to cry over potty training, or that you’re infant knocked her plate of food down during lunch time, which made more work for Mom. They’ve seen you at your worst and still no judgement from them. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed in the Mommy department especially when you are juggling more than one kid or more than one job.

“Because you need that mama who knows how sleep deprivation can turn you into a scary and unfamiliar version of yourself” – ScaryMommy

The Tribe brings the peace, and the understanding. Whatever position you hold in life, find you’re tribe. Do peaceful things, or turnt up things. Whatever floats ya boat. Just make sure it feeds the soul.



Greeting Readers,

Traveling with children can be tough! When doubled it gets tricky. Each child has to have his/her own things, things that are needed and things that are wants. Having your kids comfortable while traveling whether that’s for vacation or just a daily travel is essential. Living in the city, traveling is always an adventure to my children. You have an option to drive, but with limited parking spaces, crowded streets, many don’t. My family is in transition from our car so we use public transportation as a means to an end. Double Strollers definetly should be on the list, I skipped that on our list and now my 3year old toddler gets tired if we walked to much or she did alot that day and just wants to kick her feet up! 3 year olds little legs STILL gets TIRED! Speaking from experience, get the double stroller. . .Traveling with a Toddler and an Infant, I keep snacks for both in their bags. I usually have one big bag for the both of them unless we are splitting up and then I give my Toddler a bookbag to hold down. I will first cover the daily travel then the vacation travel.


On our daily travel i try to keep it cute and simple. Usually daily travels we aren’t far from home so I try to travel light as possible. My girls share a bag but in that bag intels everything needed for a smooth day.

-Bottles (Infant)



-Toys / Teething Rings

-Receiving Blankets

-Changing Clothes (Toddler && Infant)



-Wash cloth, wipes

-Tablet (Toddler)



I keep it simple, because this bag has to be carried around for most of the day. I remember when it was my first time with the two girls by myself and I was so nervous on how I was going to handle it, but I did. . . Eventually. It’s still a struggle sometimes, When it came to everyday traveling with two I was scared because any and everything can happen. Baby can have an poop accident and Toddler can get lost in the store. Believe it or not, both has happened. When the shit storm happens you know, bodies need to be washed, and clothes need to be changed. Yes! This has happen in the doctor’s office, poop everywhere, in the car seat, coming from her diaper, up to her back. When things like this happen new moms usually freak out, I mean I almost did until I realized it’s nothing I can do but clean it up. I started with the baby first and worked my way to all the other things that needed to be wiped down. Stay calm in the face of adversity even if that adversity involves you’re infant!


Before my Infant arrival, I traveled with my Toddler when it was just her and I. I wasn’t to nervous because she was a pretty good baby, I still worried about the basics. “Do I have everything”, “Will she sleep the whole ride”,”How will she interact with others”. My new infant, is a completely different child when I did a mini vacation travel with her by myself I was a bit nervous. Even the night before, my stomach was turning. This little girl can be unpredictable, you have to kind of roll with the punches with her. She’s very active, wants to get down and crawl curiously, very much of a noisemaker too. She definitely has me on my toes, and ready for anything. The difference between daily travel and vacation travel is; I bring more stuff for vacation. Children need extra of everything.

This here is a Busy Bag. A busy bag was created to keep young children occupied during delayed flights, long flights, all travel purposes. It’s definitely an at home DIY project before leaving for vacation. I adore Busy Bags, it gives your little ones options other than a Tablet. You put together all of your child favorites and let them go at it.

These tips are for mommies that inquire peace during travel.



Greeting Readers,

We all know sex can be hard to engage in when you have little ones or two littles ones for that matter. If you’re children are anything like my partner in I, you will agree that yes it is hard. We currently have an infant sleeping in the middle of our bed, our toddler is still in and out now and then. So how do we get our rocks off ? Hiding and planning, hiding so the baby don’t spot us and start crying, hiding from a toddler before she walks in any room without knocking. It’s a constant battle especially when you want to keep the romance alive in your relationship. So how do you do that? Well let’s find out!

Before my hubby, I wasn’t to much into lingerie I thought it was an overpriced, flimsy garmet that is going to eventually come off, anyways. But I realized after having my children that it makes me feel grown and sexier and it’s the recipe to a great evening with you’re partner. Besides Victoria Secret’s there are hundreds of legit places to order lingere at affordable prices. A few are listed below.


Fredrick’s of HollyWood


-Adam && Eve

-Savage x Fenty

-Bare Necessitates

Date night and sex is important to uphold in the relationship, it keeps things between the two new and interesting. That’s why I cannot stress scheduling enough. Even if sex comes spontaneous or you two decide to do it that day, then do it! Date nights can be schuduled as well, many couples do something once or twice a month (for example) together, without the children. Maybe grandma, grandpa, auntie, babysitter is available to hold down the fort for a few hours. Make time alone and together essential to our daily lives. Here are some ideas for Date Night!


I love to eat and so does my partner, we enjoy trying new places, and the whole ambience of a new atmosphere. Low key places can work if you’re looking for a chill evening or if you looking to have a great time, plenty of grown and sexy restaurants have a live band while you enjoy a meal. Do what works for you. Here is a listing of places to visit if you haven’t already or If you plan on visiting the NJ/ NYC Area!

-The Captial Grille (NYC)

-Queen of Sheba (NYC)

-Outback Steakhouse

-Ruby && Chris Steakhouse

-Harlem Tavern (NYC)

-Clyde Frazier’s Wine && Dine (NYC)


-Chakra Restaurant (NJ)

Now some of the restaurants above I have been to with my partner and absolutely loved. The others are still on our date night list to try! But let’s not forget other adventures couples can get into as well. Booking a suite for the two of you and FINALLY being able to use a bed and not hiding in the closet or the kitchen (LOL). Also use the Hotel or resort you’re staying at to your advantage. Have a swim, get a massage together, check out what else is available.


-Island Beach State Park

-Wildwoods NJ (Atlantic City Vibe)

-Atlantic City

-Six Flags Theme Park

-Radio City Music Hall

-Madsion Square Garden


-Resort World Casino


-Rock Climbing

Other activites such as picnics, cooking classes which can be fun, wine galleries, painting, movies, && concerts. Also download the Groupon App, so many deals on pretty much any and everything. We all get caught up in the day to day grind, but sometimes we need to step back from it && have a good time. && if that includes you’re significant other then so be it. Try out the above listings, you won’t regret it!



Greeting Readers,

I wanted to give you guys a run down on a day in my life. Things can get hectic && everyday things don’t always run the way you plan but kids love routine especially as young as my children, they like to know what’s coming next and how to prepare for it.


Every Morning my youngest gets up at around 5-7am for a bottle. Each day can be different as I mentioned, sometimes it’s 5am or she sleeps alil longer than it is 7am. If it is 7am she’ll stay up until about 845-9am before she doses off for a cat nap. I’ll bring some toys into the bed let her have self play. I make sure her diaper is changed, fresh && clean. At about 9-930am my oldest is starting to wiggle herself out of bed and into my refrigerator HA! (Toddlers). When they are both awake I know it is time for me to physically get out of bed. I whip up some breakfast for the oldest, most of the time she loves waffles or pancakes. Some mornings she’ll surprise me and want oatmeal. My infant just started solids a month or two ago, so i start her off with a banana pureed, I thicken it by mixing it with some oatmeal && they are good to go! We’ll lounge around the house for the morning hours, work on writing with my Toddler or let her do some PreSchool work on her Tablet.

๐Ÿก ๐Ÿ•AFTERNOON๐Ÿฅจ๐Ÿ–

By the afternoon, now that it is Summer I try to have them outside by then. We usually visit the park, the sprinklers just turned on about 2 weeks ago, I been letting them have fun with that. Sometimes I’ll take them out such as to Chuck E Cheese, The Movies, Coney Island, Play Dates, Trips to Grandma House. Anything to keep them busy && tire them out. With lunch we sometimes eat while we are outside or depending on the time I’ll make it at home and take it with us or I’ll let them eat lunch before we go out and just carry little snacks in their bags. My oldest loves chicken nuggets and fruit snacks, so she will crush that down && be happy. My infant I’ll give her some Apple, Pears, && Banana together pureed. She loves that as well. I like to full on know what my children like because it’s less figting on what I like, what I don’t like, what I eat && what I don’t eat.


Before I make dinner i try to have play time with the girls, we sit on the floor play with the million toys my oldest has. We play hand games from the 90’s, Yes! Please let you’re children in on all the good things we come from. I let my oldest watch Hey Arnold! That was one my favorite shows growing up and she actually likes it. So don’t be afraid to step outside the norm of today cartoons, long as the child can relate and understand the context she/he will enjoy it! My toddler usually eat everything we eat, we are a real simple family we don’t indulge in alot of meat. Seafood && chicken pretty much does it for us, always have a side vegetable, && always have a side starch or what have you.


After dinner we usually watch movies, sit around and talk about our day or just enjoy each other as a family. Most nights I give the girls a bath or I’ll do it once we are home for the day. By 850pm I start winding them down, turning off the lights, laying them down because 9pm is bedtime. My children don’t always go to bed on time but I can say between the times of 930-945pm one child will be sleep && then the other follow.

Schedules for the household makes the day run smooth and easy. Even though we may fall off of it now and then, some structure in place is better than none. Much more home && mommy tips!



Greeting Readers, Happy Summer !

Where have I been ? Busy with a toddler && an infant. I’m really trying to be more productive on here, sometimes I need a break from writing. Then sometimes my personal life takes over and I have to focus on that. MOTHERS && WIVES you know how that go! So let’s get into it!

My baby girl is 7 months && my big girl just turned 3! We are moving up the ladder. The balancing of the two has most definitely gotten easier. Many days I need breaks but overall I got this!! Baby is sleeping through the night, Okay. . . maybe not. One feeding at night & bright in early at 5am. I can deal with that compared to every two hours, newborn days. Those days are such a blur. Here are the updates of my children milestones so far!


– Standing/ Pulling herself up

– Crawling on all Fours

-Eating Solids

– Sleeping half way through the night

– Learning to self sooth

– Smiles && Laughs

– Enjoys outside

– Love the Swing (Park)

– Can identify her name through speech


-Pre School in September

-Loves bubbles && fruit snacks

-Over Usage of the word WHY

-Shoe size going ALL THE WAY UP!

-Legos && Building

-Dancing (Ballet)

These are where my babies are at now && only getting better each day! Now as for me, I’m almost close to being myself again. And I mean the person I was before I had children. I had my girls back to back and my depression suffered back to back with both. This time around isn’t as extreme as the first. But still pressing, nonetheless. I searched deeply for this woman && i found her under debris of pain, anger, hate, shame, mistakes, guilt, && low self esteem. I had to pull her out the fire && let my inner self know how much she is loved && cared for. For awhile, I was hugely focus on wanting to hang with my friends, and wanting their attention. I had to let friends && family do their own thing while I fall back && do mine. While I build mine. When you focus on everybody else, you lose sight of what you are suppose be doing. So there, I shifted my focus && went back to what I love the most, writing, business plans, my kids, my partner, time with my self.

We have plenty in store for you guys!



Greeting Readers,

As Women && Mother’s we take care of so many people && seldom do we take care of ourselves, it’s hard to even take a shower sometimes. But we changing that up this year! 2019 && beyond we are taking time for ourselves because in reality we have to be A1 in order to balance everyone else, right? RIGHT!

Self care means exactly what it says, but how do we go about that? It’s whatever makes you feel relaxed.


When we think of gardening we think of our grandmother’s, but gardening can be really therapeutic. It’s nothing like getting down && dirty, for a good cause LOL! Being one with Mother nature && the earth. It brings some sort of peace through your chakras. Give self what it craves && if it craves gardening do just that!


Reading is another way to indulge in Self care, you can get lost in a Novel of another’s adventure. You get the opportunity to escape through the mind into the life of someone else’s. This form of self care relaxes you and puts you in a calm mindset.


All women want to look good, including me. Even when I’m decked out in my Mommy gear all week. It’s essential to feel good on the inside but also on the outside, it gives you that extra confidence. Leaving everything behind for a few hours to enjoy a Manicure or pedicure is another form of self care. Maybe you want to stay home && do these things yourself. That’s cool too!


Believe it or not self care isn’t all about beauty. Self care can mean just sitting home, lights out, with a box of pizza, a bottle of wine && binge watching a series on Netflix. We call this taking care of the inner self while I leave the outside world alone for the night.


Yoga has become a big thing in the African American community. You see many traveling with their yoga mats on Saturday mornings to release the stress from the past week. Make time to build the mental && the spiritual self back up, Even if that includes practicing at home.

Whatever self care means to you, indulge in it, set a time during the week where you do just that! You need to be your best self to face this everyday life.